One Sassy Mama
Ghastly peachy pink walls and ceiling in closet. Circa 1958? WHAT on earth were the previous owners thinking?!
Mr. E modeling the new “Spence” print from Bumgenius. Arrrrgh! (And our first time trying  an AIO.)
New diaper fluff makes me so happy!

Carrie Brownstein to Finish Nora Ephron Screenplay “Lost in Austen”

Ooooohhh, goody. I saw the British version of “Lost in Austen” and really liked it (I was convinced I wouldn’t), so this should be interesting since I loved almost all of Nora Ephron’s work.
Getting my crafty on.

Feel free to apply this to all your DIY ventures this weekend. And always. Need some inspiration? See our DIY ideas here. -EL

When indeed?
This makes the 3rd time I have wound up caulking new baseboard trim while pregnant. I sure hope it is the last time.

A grand Riverside, California, Queen Anne masterpiece, loaded with details, is available for FREE!

Dream House… I don’t want to live in California…but for THIS house I would reconsider. Note to self: talk to husband about jobs in Riverside.